Destiny gave us a chance for animals rescue


Did you ever notice all of the signs around you each day? If you pay attention, they are there providing guidance and confirmation. We always believe in animal rescue and we found something guiding us, last week.


Cowboy Crown was originated from several passions, including a long history in animal rescue and the desire to “give back” after surviving the mass shooting in the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Therefore, pens, paper and the measuring tape hit the dirt as we all scrambled to find a way to help. Through a poorly visible tunnel, we could see several scared and seemingly stuck puppies. From this moment our belief in animal rescue and especially puppies’ rescue has been boosted dramatically.


Finding chances to confirm the belief in animal rescue is not a coincidence:

Last week the Cowboy Crown crew went to look at a commercial property for a potential new office location. We arrived and found a building which had been vacant for quite some time and an old shed located out back. Quickly, we began jotting down notes of the main structure including measurements, general layout, and utility locations and then headed outside to survey the exterior. We went there not primarily looking for animal rescue but something unexpected happened.


We started at the front and made our way to back of the building which is when mysterious sounds were heard. At first we thought it may be squeaky metal fencing moving in the wind. The sound turned to little cries of help as we got closer to the rickety shed. For those of you that know us, honestly we are huge advocates of animal rescue and we really love animals.


Animal rescue teaches great values like teamwork:

After great team effort, portions of the shed flooring were lifted and we began pulling puppies out. The fourth one came out, all were dirty, skinny, and seemingly had never seen a human before. Some of the crew grabbed water bottles and towels and others wrapped the little bundles and headed for the truck to leave animal rescue site.

As we prepared to leave, we heard chilling barking and headed back to investigate; there he was, number five. The last pup, looking like a tiny teddy bear, was stuck between a board and a pipe. Ultimately, it appears that a stray female wandered onto the property and gave birth to her babies under the floor of the old shed. It appears that she nursed them and then took off, leaving them scared and trapped with no animal shelter.

 Animal Rescue - Puppies Rescue


Enjoying the completion of the animal rescue job:

On the drive back after animal rescue job is done, we all retold the story and how thankful we were to have stumbled upon these puppies in need. The final count, 5 puppies, 3 boys and 2 girls all were moved to rescues. The next day included vet check, revealing they are all undernourished but otherwise healthy Shepherd/Collie Mix. The animal rescue team has been amazing in taking turns washing, feeding, rescuing these adorable animals from a homeless miserable love, and giving them love and compassion.


The gratitude on behalf of our new furry friends is incredible as they have quickly adapted to playing with toys, snuggles and learning to sit and shake. It was no coincidence that we were there that day, we feel incredibly blessed. Lastly, not only will we find the pups their new forever families, we have found our new office!



If you strongly believe in something like we do regarding animal rescue, you’ll find life giving you signs to guide you through your way. Our team have honest believes in animal rescue and are huge animal lovers. From the moment of surviving the mass shooting in the Route 91 Harvest Festival and seeing several scared and seemingly stuck puppies, our belief in animal rescue and especially puppies’ rescue has been boosted dramatically. If you believe in animal rescue as we do, shop for our products today and help us rescue more animals and save more lives.



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